Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Clean Up

My goal this weekend was to clear out some old items from closets and make donation piles.  And I am pleased to say, I stuck to my goal and cleared a lot of old items out of my house!

While cleaning the closets out, I noticed I had purchased fleece fabrics years ago with the plans to make Barkley a new blanket.  Well, the fabric got shoved in the back of the closet and buried under years of odds and ends until I discovered it once again!

I decided to to a quick and dirty no sew fleece tie ended blanket.  Plus, he wouldn't appreciate quilted lines, applique and double stitched ends anyways.

Here you can see I started cutting my fringe ends.  I thought this pattern was so cute.  Just perfect for a little boy doxie.

And once it was finished, little Barkley hopped up on the chair and then the table to test out his new blanket.  Looks like it's a winner!  Now, GET OFF THE TABLE!!!  What's gotten into you dog???!!!  LOL.