Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ben Franklin

While in Maui, I would always visit a craft store called Ben Franklin.  I thought it was a Hawaiian craft store chain and didn't realize that they were "all over the place" on the mainland.  So, after doing some research I found one about an hour away from me in the sleepy town of Grass Valley.

I was impressed by their inventory they had.  And was surprised to see a large Scarpbooking/Stamping section.  They also had Copic markers for $5.99.  Not the best price, but ok for retail.  But I did find a stack of 250 card bases cut and pre-scored for $7.99.  I can finally stop using my good white cardstock as card bases and dedicate them to stamped images only.


  1. ooohhhhh...I have a Ben Franklin within walking distance from my work...we walk over there all the time. You might see if the one that you went to has a email list...we get occasional coupons...they are franchises so they might run differently...

  2. How cool! And Grass Valley is such a great place for a day trip...lunch, cute shops and now a craft store!!! Whoohoo!