Saturday, August 21, 2010

Running Bucket List

I picked up the most recent issue of Competitor Magazine and noticed they had an article of Top 10"Bucket List" races runners must compete in before they die.  Well, being the runner enthusiast that I am, I was intrigued.  Luckily for me, I've already completed 20% of the list.

1.  Boston Marathon (Most Historic Race) - Not Completed
2.  OfficeMax Hood to Coast Relay (Best Relay Race) - Not Completed
3.  ING Bay to Breakers (Best Running Festival) - Not Completed
4.  Western States 100 (Best Ultra Marathon) - Not Completed
5.  Comrades Marathon (Best International Race) - Not Completed
6.  ING New York City Marathon (Best Big Urban Marathon) - COMPLETED
7.  Big Sur International Marathon (Best Scenic Race) - Not Completed
8.  Bank of America Chicago Marathon (Best Set a PR) - Not Completed
9.  Tough Guy (Best Obstacle Race) - Not Completed
10. Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Marathon (Best Party Race) - COMPLETED

A couple of these races are in my own backyard, so I have no excuse for not trying them.  If I was asked to write my own race bucket list, the majority of the races would be in Hawaii!  LOL!

What is on your running bucket list?  Or your non-running bucket list?

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