Monday, November 1, 2010

More Maui...and WOW!!!

For those of you who know me well, know that Maui is by far my favorite place in the whole world!  And thanks to my generous parents, I was able to spend 4.5 days in Maui this past week to relax and unwind before the stressful holiday season that is upon us.

And as promised, here are a couple of pictures from the amazing island!

The view from my beach chair on Keawakpu Beach.  Great view, shade under the palm trees...all I needed was a Corona and a lime.

Picture of the Palm trees that were shading me on the beach.  (The hot pink thing at the bottom was my mom's floatie for swimming.  You could spot her a mile away)

Went back to Secret Cove beach in Makena.  This is the beach where I was married 7 months ago.  It was exactly the same as I remembered it.  

Another  view of Secret Cove beach in Makena.

View from the condo.  Tennis courts along the bottom of the photo and glorious ocean up top!  I miss that place already.

And onto my "WOW" about those San Francisco Giants!  WOO HOO!  GO GIANTS!  Great game tonight and great season overall!  Congrats boys, you deserve all of it!

Special shout out to Timmy!  Great game as always!  I knew you could do it!

Picture I took of Timmy pitching from earlier this season!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!!!! Especially love the first one of Secret Cove. Oh and I am still not off Cloud Nine! The Giants winning even brought a tear to my eye!!!