Friday, November 26, 2010

Why Pay $4?

Last week I was standing in line at Barnes and Noble and noticed a section of greeting cards.  I am always looking for inspiration so I took a look at what was on the display.  They had a bunch of cards that looked easy to replicate so I made sure to take pictures of them.  After taking pictures of them all, I looked at the price and was shocked to find them going for $4.00 each!  Wow!  I need to make sure I remind my husband that every time we use a home made card, we save $4.00!

Barnes and Noble $4.00 baby card.

My version of the same card.  $0.00

I just happened to have a left over chipboard letter "B" in blue, blue card stock, white cardstock for the scalloped edge, white adhesive lettering and left over blue gingham ribbon.  

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